Landscape Design

The design process is the most important effort in the creation of a successful landscape.  In order to best visualize as well as prioritize future designed spaces throughout your property we recommend the preparation of a Landscape Design Plan.  This planning phase will assist in the budgeting and phasing of future projects.

sod installation


We are a ‘hands on’ company, with designers and foremen present on each project from start to finish. Site preparation is an invaluable step to a successful planting.  Our process is to de-compact the existing soils, incorporate soil amendments and complete proper grading.  All plant material is selected from high-quality growers throughout the region and handled with great care from the nursery to the planting site, with all plants installed to the highest horticultural specifications.

If you currently have a landscape designer or plan in place, we will work with your landscape designer/architect to faithfully execute your design. View Installation Projects

stone terrace with water feature


Cotswold Gardens uses a broad range of materials to create welcoming and functional outdoor spaces. Using natural materials, we will establish desirable locations and designs for walkways, patios, pool-side terraces, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits. View Hardscaping Projects


Cotswold Gardens is an expert in meadow design, implementation, and management. We will work with you to create a custom designed meadow with a wide range of native grasses and perennials well-suited for the soils and climate of your property. View Meadow Projects

Rain Gardens

An area of poor drainage or where water may need to be re-directed can be an opportunity to create a rain garden. This can be as simple as a depression to help capture the water or a designed series of rain gardens using custom soil mixes. Naturalized plantings cleanse the water and provide habitat diversity.View Rain Garden Projects


Cotswold Gardens is experienced in transplanting all sizes of plant material, from perennials to shrubs to semi-mature trees. We specialize in hand digging as well as machine-dug specimen plant material, ensuring a healthy root mass to trunk caliper or height ratio for a successful transplant. View Transplanting Project


We can provide maintenance for the gardens which we install to ensure your garden vision is perfected. Tasks involved include monitoring the property for general plant health, weed control, defining bed edges, fertilization, watering, herbaceous plant care, pruning of trees and shrubs, and mulching.

Invasive Species Removal

Invasive plant species colonize natural areas and spread aggressively-disrupting natural habitats and threatening native plant communities.  The ecological as well as aesthetic value of eradicating aggressive exotic species and replacing them with native species indigenous to our area is of great value to the ecosystem.  View Invasive Species Removal Projects